Bunny was born In April 2019, and arrived at Charlie's Army in September 2019 after facing a threat of euthanasia from owners who were unable to properly care for her. At almost 11 months old, Bunny weighs a whopping 5 pounds. She is a gorgeous, soft, playful, and happy cat who also happens to have manx syndrome. For Bunny that means she has no tail, she is missing two vertebrae which causes her walk to be more of a hop, and she is both fecal and urine incontinent.

While this may sound daunting, Bunny -- very simply put -- just needs someone to love her and help her potty 2-3 times per day. Expressing a cats bladder and bowels is easy to learn, it just takes some time and practice to settle into a routine and figure out a position that is most comfortable for you and Bunny.

Here is a video of me expressing Bunny - as you can see, Bunny is used to this routine and it is very quick:

Aside from needing to be expressed, Bunny has no other health issues or limitations. Bunny can run, jump, climb, go up and down stairs, and play just like any other cat.

Bunny is a very sweet little girl who loves to cuddle, play with toys, and just be loved. If you are interested in learning more, meeting, or adopting Bunny, please fill out our application or use our contact form to reach out.