Charlotte was surrendered to New York Animal Care and Control in November of 2019. She presented with spinal and rib fractures and was unable to use her hind legs. She was placed on the euthanasia list when Charlie's Army scooped her up.

After a number of veterinary consultations, it has been determined that Charlotte is a spinal walker. This means that she cannot feel her hind legs, tail, or pelvis, but she does have mass reflex. When she is supported or is in water, she will move her legs to walk. However, the chances of Charlotte ever walking are slim to none.

Charlotte needs her bladder manually expressed and needs to be stimulated to defecate. Luckily she is incredibly easy to express and anyone can learn! Here is a video of me expressing Charlotte:

As far as Charlotte's daily care, she needs to be expressed 2-3 times per day and have her hind legs stretched. These are simple stretches that just help keep her legs strong and her muscles from atrophying.

Charlotte is an incredibly sweet, affectionate, and playful kitten. She loves to snuggle up with other cats as well as her humans.

During her time with Charlie's Army, Charlotte has been doing hydrotherapy:

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