Charlie's Army brought Scoot to Philadelphia, PA all the way from Alberta, Canada. We heard about Scoot in November of 2019 - his owner was searching for a new home, and if they could not find a home or rescue to take him on, they were going to euthanize. They could not properly care for him, and the veterinarians in the area were not positive about his prognosis and quality of life.

When we saw Scoot, we saw a kitten full of love and life - a kitten who deserved a chance - so we fundraised and we flew him here.

Scoot was born a manx kitten with twisted legs. He was born with no tail and is both urine and fecal incontinent... In his original home, he faced severe urine scalding and abrasions to his little twisted limbs. He was in poor condition.

Once in Philadelphia, Scoot had a consult with an orthopedic surgeon, and ultimately we decided that the best option for little Scoot, was to amputate his hind legs. The decision shocked many, but it was determined that Scoot could not feel his feet and he was not using his hind limbs to ambulate - his hind legs had essentially become dead weight.

Scoot is recovering well from surgery, and his only medical needs at this time are having his bladder and bowel expressed 2-3 times per day. Here is a video of Scoot being expressed - it is easy to learn and takes little time:

Scoot is a little purr machine and LOVES attention. He is such a sweet, active, and playful little guy. The following videos were filmed prior to his surgery:

If you are interested in adopting Scoot when he is ready, please click the button below to apply!