About Us

Hi! My name is Marie, and I'm the woman behind Charlie's Army. I began fostering cats and kittens in early 2018 with a beautiful mama cat named Darla, and her 5 one-week-old kittens: Ivy, Jasper, Alice, Lucy, and Molly.

In January of 2019, I responded to a plea for help: a paralyzed kitten was in need of rescue. That kitten was Charlie, and he is the inspiration behind Charlie's Army. Hundreds of people came together and we formed an Army -- Charlie's Army. We saved this tiny paralyzed kitten and allowed him not only to walk again, but to run, climb, jump, and LIVE.

Now Charlie's Army saves as many lives as we can. I rescue orphaned neonates found on the streets of Philadelphia, take in feral mama cats and their babies to give them a safe, warm, loving place to grow, and rescue special needs cats placed on euthanasia lists, giving them a chance to thrive.

What I do wouldn't be possible without the Army that Charlie created. The support, encouragement, and love we receive has been phenomenal; we couldn't do it without YOU. If you'd like to become part of Charlie's Army, please see our Donate page by clicking here.