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As an independent, foster-based, rescue, Charlie's Army relies heavily on volunteers. Our primary needs are foster homes and transportation assistance.

Our foster parents open their homes to provide a safe, loving, environment for our animals to grow up and thrive in. Most foster parents foster until the animal is adopted, but we can also sometimes use short-term fosters.

As a foster parent, you will always have access to the rescue president for guidance, so please don't let a lack of experience hold you back from helping us save a life.

So, what does it take to become a foster parent?

The most important aspect of fostering is having a designated space where you can quarantine any new animals for 2-3 weeks. We will not send obviously sick animals into a foster home, however, it is important to quarantine and monitor new animals in the event that they have worms/parasites or develop a minor illness that was not apparent during their intake exam. A small, easy-to-clean space is recommended. Quarantine protects you and your animals.

Charlie's Army covers all medical needs and can help with supplies as needed. We also do a basic intake exam which includes flea treatment, de-worming medication, first vaccines (if age appropriate), and microchipping (if age appropriate).

Having transportation is also important for our foster parents in the event of emergencies, sick visits to the vet, vaccine appointments, and drop-off/pick-up when it's time for spay/neuter surgeries. On occasion, there may be transportation available (i.e. carpooling a large group of animals to the clinic) but we cannot guarantee this.

To apply to become a foster parent, click here.

Our other volunteer need is transportation. We often need transport to and from the clinic for spay/neuter (on Mondays), picking up an animal from the veterinarian and transporting them to their foster, or picking up new animals and bringing them in for intake.

To apply to become a transport volunteer, click here.

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